Greener Camping

At Paradise Shores, we believe in protecting people, animals and the planet.

We make sure that the majority of products we use to operate our camp is recycled, composted, or re-used. We prefer to use products that are produced in a sustainable way and avoid those that aren't.

  • We are continuously reducing the amount of waste we generate and actively promote recycling of aluminum, plastic, glass, and cardboard. We pack our own recycling and haul it to the nearest recycling facility which is an hour away. We co-opt the drive with other activities to reduce waste.
  • We don’t use individually packaged toiletries or one-use products.
  • Permaculture principles are integrated in our operations.
  • Essential oils are used to clean our rental trailers.
  • We use plant and planet friendly detergent.
  • Our bookings are all done online to avoid unnecessary printing.

We live in the desert. We share our precious water with the entire planet. With only 326 million cubic miles of water on the earth, the decreasing amounts of access to quality fresh water is alarming to us. We monitor how we use water in our day-to-day operations and are constantly working on ways to reduce our consumption of fresh water resources.

  • The water used to wash our linens and towels is recycled to irrigate the numerous gardens on our property.
  • In all our rental trailers, we provide our guests with “plant friendly” cleaning products. By only using eco friendly products, we are able to use the kitchen and shower’s water to irrigate our gardens.